Tours and Field Trips

Because of the overwhelming costs involved with providing the best care possible to these cats, we have decided to open the ranch to the public for scheduled tours.

Tours are presently available Saturday-Monday by appointment only.

A tour guide will take you throughout the ranch, explaining how each cat came to us, what the adjustment was like, and relate their special needs, likes and dislikes. Your guide will be able to answer questions on the care and keeping of the animals. You are sure to hear some fascinating tales relating to the care of these wonderful animals.

We will strive to educate young and old alike on the care of, and responsibility to, big cats in captivity. You will learn the joys and problems that go hand in hand with a project of this nature.

Coming to our ranch will allow you to view the big cats more closely than is usually possible which we hope will increase your admiration and support of these magnificent creatures.

We are also available for class field trips every Monday. Children are the key to the survival of not just the big cats, but the world as a whole. Nothing compares to seeing a lion’s eyes or hearing a tiger chuff. We hope the spark that may be ignited in a child’s heart after seeing the animals turns out to be a priceless contribution to the future.