New arrivals

Titus, Momma’s Boy (a.k.a. Scar) and Erica

Our newest arrivals are a litter of 3 African lion cubs that joined us this summer from Oregon. They are already famous, having made several appearances all around Colorado at various Wal-Mart stores (thanks, Wal-Mart!) and the Colorado State Fair, and several visits to local news stations in October. These photos were taken when they were only 12 days old, and had to be fed every four hours. Come visit us and see how fast they grow! Click here for tour information.


Titus, Momma's Boy (a.k.a. Scar) and Erica Sheena is an eight year old mountain lion who arrived unexpectedly one early Monday morning in August of 2005.

Sheena’s arrival was unusual for a couple of reasons. Normally, we receive a phone call that there is a cat that needs a home and, space and money available, we load up and go get our new resident. In Sheena’s case, we received no phone call and she was brought to our doorstep – literally! Her soon to be former owner chose the one day of the week that Nick is out of town and Karen is babysitting her granddaughter to leave his companion of 8 years with us because he was moving and could no longer keep her.

(We would like to note here that NO ONE should ever just “drop off” their exotic cat to us without prior arrangements. Taking in a new cat requires finding or building an appropriate enclosure area that meets the needs of the cat, filing proper paperwork with the agencies that license our facility, arranging veterinarian visits for initial check ups and follow up care, and a multitude of other arrangements that must be taken care of to properly welcome a cat to their new home.) After her rather chaotic arrival, Sheena settled into her new enclosure near the guest house. While she is … um … less than fond of women (and yes, that is putting it politely!), she is absolutely in love with Nick, purring and rolling on her back whenever he is nearby.

Making a home for more cats requires a group effort and YOU are a part of that group. Click on the link to the left to see how you can help or click here now to make a donation today for Sheena and all the cats here at Big Cats of Serenity Springs!
Titus, Momma's Boy (a.k.a. Scar) and Erica