Meet Our Cats


Facts and Stats

  • Body: 3 – 5 feet with tail an additional 2 – 3 feet
  • Weight: up to 200 pounds with females anywhere from 20-40% smaller
  • Gestation: 90 – 105 days
  • Litter Size: 2 – 3 on average with an infant mortality rate of 40 – 50%
  • Life Span: 12 – 17 years


Meet Our CatsJafar Leopards are most commonly recognized by the rosette pattern of their coats. Though these cats are on occasion confused with the South American Jaguar, the leopard’s build is less stocky and its rosette markings are smaller and have no internal spots. 

Base coloration ranges from golden yellow in open grasslands to cream in desert areas, to deep gold in the mountain and forest regions. Completely black leopards are called Melanistic Leopards. These are the cats mistakenly referred to as black panthers. This all-black color variation occurs in the same litters as “normally” marked cats, and they, too, carry the rosette pattern in their coats. It has been observed that the Melanistic Leopard is most commonly found in dense forested areas where this color gives the cat an advantage in hunting.

At this time 2 black leopards are in residence, Jafar and Sinbad.


His name varies, but his majestic presence remains the same in every language.


  • Panthera Tigrisscientific
  • TigreFrench/Spanish
  • TigerEnglish/German
  • BaghHindi/Bengali
  • Rimau, HarimauIndonesian, Malaysian
  • Sau Khong, Sau LayLaos
  • BabrFarsi
  • TigrRussian
  • Lao huChinese
  • SeuaThailand
  • TagTibetan
  • Amba DarlaUdege
Meet Our Cats

Facts and Stats

  • Every tiger has stripes, but no two tigers have the same stripes. Stripes are as unique to a tiger as finger prints are to a human.
  • The gestation period for a tiger is 95 – 112 days. A tigress gives birth to a litter of 3 or 4 cubs, each weighing about 4 pounds.

Since November of 1999 our number of tigers has risen from 15 to 24… and the waiting list continues to grow.  The tigers in residence range from older adults to a 5 month old youngster.  Two of our newest additions, Aries and Dorado, pictured below:

Meet Our Cats Meet Our Cats


Facts and Stats

  • Lions can live 20 -25 years in captivity.


Meet Our Cats
Meet Our Cats

Our number of lions is around a dozen… with the most recent arrivals being only 7 months old.


Ligers are a lion/tiger hybrid that occurs only with human intervention. One of the most striking characteristics of ligers is the massive size they attain.

We have two ligers, Curly and Diesel, here at Serenity Springs:

  • Meet Our Cats

CougarsWe also have 4 cougars: Lorado, Sierra, Risky, and Princess.  Sierra is a South American cougar while the other are the local North American kind.

Meet Our Cats

The Rest of the Cats

We also provide shelter to Bobcats, Lynxs, and Servals.  Our resident Canadian Lynx,  Meko (or Mr. Happy!) is known for his attitude.  Our resident Bobcat, Bugsy, is also pictured below.

Meet Our Cats
Meet Our Cats

Big Cat BiosAlthough we love all our cats, no matter how they came to be with us, it is fun for us to know their history. This often helps us provide the cat with the things that they enjoy. Here are the histories of some of our cats.

Kipling, or Kipper as he is affectionately called here, is a tiger that came to us in the summer of 1997. He lives with the tigress that he had been paired with prior to coming to Serenity Springs and has adjusted very well to his new home and surroundings. We believe that he is between 7 and 8 years old now. It appears that Kip was an actor, appearing on T.V., in the movies and in Las Vegas shows.

Lacy, like Kipling, came to live with us in the summer of 1997. They had been living together as a pair in their previous home and we decided that we would keep them together, which is our standard practice if at all feasible. The only detail that we have been able to confirm on Lacy’s life is that this is her fourth home! That’s a whole lot of moving for a cat that is (to the best of our knowledge) less than 8 years old. It is our intention to make sure this is her last stop on a bumpy road and that she will now be able to relax and know that she is home. She has been known to get a bit of an attitude, but beautiful Bengal Tigress that she is, we guess it is her right!

Duke, Merlin and Daisy are tigers that were born here at Serenity Springs in the Spring of 1998. Weighing in at next to nothing, they were just handfuls of fur and spit fire! They managed to turn the whole household upside down! Now they are in the 200 pound range, and they love to play in their pool in the summers!

Jafar. In the fall of 1998 we were asked if we would like to provide a home to a black leopard that seemed to have a multiple personality disorder! Of course, we like to help as many cats as we can, but this guy was special in that he was coming to us from a facility and a man that we have the utmost respect for. Because we don’t like to bring cats in during the winter months, it was agreed that spring time would be the best. So over spring break Nick went to California to meet Jafar, learn first-hand some of his habits, and bring him home. Jafar traveled well and arrived in good shape. Of course, after such a mild winter, the weather went to pot as soon as they arrived, and it’s fair to say Jafar would look at us as if to say “And this is good for me how?” But with the return of sunshine and the passing of time he settled in and began to spend more and more time investigating the new smells and sights of Serenity Springs. Jafar is a 7-year-old Black, or Melanistic Leopard that has been featured in many still photos for magazines and calendars. His brother is a spotted leopard who you may have seen in the movie Mighty Joe Young or the T.V. series Born Free. We look forward to him being with us for a long time.