How to Choose the Best Ferret Cage?

Having a pet is not just about having a companion but also having a sense of responsibility towards them. many people love dogs and cats, but some also smaller versions of animals; like ferrets. They are very much like dogs and cats when some of there behavior is compared. They are highly sociable and love to be around people and that makes them similar to dogs. Whereas they also love to sleep and relax a lot and also can use a litter box, therefore they have their similarities with cats as well. one should also invest time to find the best cage for ferret pet. One of the major things for keeping your ferret happy is to decide is their quarters or their cage in which they will live in.

Living with a ferret

How to Choose the Best Ferret Cage?

Before choosing their place to live and what their cages should have it is important to understand their likes, dislikes, living requirements, and temperaments.

Overall ferrets are sociable, cuddly, cute and have a liking for attention. They are also a very intelligent animal species as they can be trained to not only listen to their owners but also for performing a few tricks. They can be kept outside of their cage, but if there are small kids in the house, then supervision is needed. also, they have a habit of exploring new places in the house and also steal items and hide them. another thing that one needs to pay attention to is that they love chewing and biting objects and this can be a health hazard for them.

Their diets include packed food which included carnivore feed. Also, their food should be formulated strictly for the ferrets and should be rich in protein and fat. Also, some of the strict food categories that should not be given to them are fiber-rich food, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, sugar, etc.

Choosing a ferret cage

How to Choose the Best Ferret Cage?

When it comes to a ferret-like mentioned before, they love sleeping at least 16 to 80 hours a day.but when they are not sleeping they love indulging themselves in lots of activities and mischief. That is why it is important to have a cage for them where they can rest and have their share of fun as well without chewing on household items.

However, there are several cages that one can find in the pet market and one should be careful about their ferret’s needs before buying one. features like space, height, cage material and necessity items that can be added in the cage are some of the basic things to consider.

  • Size and space in the cage

The very first thing that one needs to consider is the size of the ferret cage. The minimum size of a ferret cage where he/she can play and sleep around is 36 inches x 24 inches. This should be enough big for one singular ferret. Also if the ferret will not be getting a few hours outside the cage in a day, then try to get a bigger cage.  also if one planning to keep more that one ferret then chooses a larger cage for them to live in. at least add 6 inches to the width and height. Also to keep a ferret busy, and to increase the moving around space, one can choose a cage with multiple levels. this will add mobility and also bring some stimulation.

  • Security

Ferret is active, intelligent and naughty and that is why it is important to make sure that the cage is secure so that in case of your absence your pet will not try to leave the cage. For this make sure that the latches of the cage are safe and secure. Also, make sure that bars have less space between them to avoid your ferret form escaping. In the ned check the flooring, as the floor fo the cage should be strong and solid. Otherwise, the floor can hurt the ferret’s feet and having any soft flooring means your pet will dig and chew it through.

Ferrets are flexible and that is the reason why cages should be strong and solid to avoid any escape situation. Also, make sure that food and water bowls along with the litter box are attaché to the cage because the ferrets tend to flip it over again and again.

A necessity in a cage

How to Choose the Best Ferret Cage?

When it comes to keeping a healthy ferret, the need for keeping the cage well adapted to their needs is very important. Ferret cages should be well supplied with food and water at all times. and also there should be enough room for the ferret to play and lie around in.

Also, make sure that the water or food bowl has some heavyweight in it because after all they love to play and can moreover simply upturn the bowl. When it comes to their activity, it is better to add some toys which are ferret proof and is not harmful to them or do not have loose parts that they may swallow.

To keep them healthy they need training, and for that one can add cage harness, ramps, platforms, etc. on which they can climb and play on.

Maintenance of the cage

How to Choose the Best Ferret Cage?

When it comes to cage maintenance, keeping the cage clean is one of the biggest objectives. The unclean cage can lead to bacterial infection and health issues. clean the bedding every day, also make sure that the litter box is clean and waste is removed and thrown away. Wash and clean the water and food bowl two times a day to avoid bacterial build-up.

Also, every week or 10 days wash the cage using some mild soapless detergent and make sure that the cage and other belongings are well dried before keeping them back.

Also, make sure that the cage is placed in a place that has some action as the ferret likes to be in spaces where there is kind of some activity happening. Keep them away for direct sunlight as it can lead to sunstroke. Also, make sure that the cage is away from any direct contact f the appliances or in the vicinity of it as it can disturb the ferret when it is trying to sleep or relax.


Ferrets are fun to have and it is important to make sure that they are healthy and active. Ferret cages are their home and it is only fair to think that they should have a home that is both spacious and sturdy. Keep in mind the number of ferrets you want to keep and the age of the ferret before buying a cage. keep toys and create an active space for the cuddy pet to enjoy and rest whenever they want.


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