How Do We Get Our Cats?

This is one of the most common questions ever asked of any center. Some places you get an honest answer, others you don’t. We take great pride in always telling the truth about the cats that end up with us.

There are many reasons a cat comes to live with us at Serenity Springs. Not all of them come to us as a result of being abused. In fact, we feel confident in saying it is probably the least common reason. But let’s face it, the horror stories are the news grabbers, so those are the ones people are likely to hear. Likewise, those horror stories are the ones that pull at your heartstrings and might motivate some people to make a donation, so some centers focus on those.

We do have some cats that have had a very hard life. Some have been abused, be it beaten or starved. But we also have cats for other reasons. Perhaps an owner has passed away. Perhaps another center has felt a financial pinch, and instead of letting the cats suffer even one day of hunger have chosen to place them somewhere else. Perhaps due to illness, the loss of income, or unexpected family obligations, an animal needs to be placed. The variety of situations we encounter is endless. Whatever the reason, all these animals need a safe and permanent place to call home.

There is no such thing as a “free” cat. All cats involve shipping and travel costs. Even when we are able to go to pick up a cat, it is generally a 3 – 4 day trip. That is 3 – 4 days we aren’t able to work a “real job.” Free? Not by a long shot!

We provide homes to cats that will benefit from being here with us, rather than the situation they are in, whatever that may be. We believe the majority of people aren’t as concerned with how a cat arrived, as with how they are cared for once they are here.

We do not use scare tactics to raise money. Some centers fundraise using this approach: “If we don’t raise this much money by this date this cat risks euthanasia.” We don’t want to risk losing the support of those people that trust us to tell the truth by using phony or emotionally manipulating stories. You, and the cats, deserve more respect than that.

The animals are welcome here, be they hungry, scared, or alone; fat or skinny; cranky or lovable; a nuisance in someone’s life or loved so much they are sent to a place that offers permanent stability.

We take those we have room for, getting them here however we can. We ache for those we turn away. You help us to provide for these cats, and in turn, you deserve honesty. We trust that will make you care all the more. Thank you from those cats that have already come, and especially from those that will follow.