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Experience in Caring for Kittens from Childhood to Adulthood

Cats are a pretty close pet and are favored by many families. Especially the pet cats in recent times have attracted more and more people. In addition to choosing an adorable cat, cat owners need to have experience with pets to keep their cat safe. With this safe home cat care experience that we recommend below will help you a lot. Stay tuned!

“Tips” to help take care of a healthy and obedient cat

Cats, like other pets, need proper care and protection. Compared to dogs, cats are often in poor health and are susceptible to disease and even death without proper care. So if you want to have a cat to love every day, then use the following experience.

Take care of your cat with a simple diet

For beginners to raise cats, surely will have a headache with the diet of the “king”. Because cats are inherently “picky and picky”, your cat will stop eating when the food is not right.

Instead of forcing “emperor” to eat and drink what you like, you should pay attention to their taste. To know exactly what your cat’s favorite food, you should observe and pay attention to feeding with age.

Newborn cats under 6 weeks old

When you watch a newborn kitten, you will feel a sense of weakness. At this point, your kitten is very small, so it cannot eat much and cannot digest food. For cats under 6 weeks of age, you should take care of the following:

  • Have a carton, mattress or warm blanket ready for the kitten. Young cats need to be kept warm 24/24 so that their body does not get cold and less sickness.
  • In the event that your kitten is separated from the mother cat, bottle-feed the kitten. Replace breastmilk with cat-specific colostrum (this is sold in veterinary stores).
  • Every day, you need to feed the kitten 3 to 4 times, each time should be 2 hours apart.
  • Once the kitten has opened his eyes, give him dog calcium pasteurized milk and calcium. Minimum amount of calcium is 1/6 tablets per day.
  • After each feeding, clean the bottle or syringe with warm water. Then keep in a dry place to get out for next use.
  • At this time, the cat’s body is very susceptible to infection, so you should not bathe with cold water. Use a soft cotton towel, soak in warm water, and gently dry the cat’s whole body.
  • In addition, you should also limit strangers contact with the kittens so that they do not panic. If you have the mother cat by your side, keep the cat in a private place with few people going.

Experience in Caring for Kittens from Childhood to Adulthood1Kittens 6 to 10 weeks old

Over the period of 6 weeks, your kittens will begin to walk on their feet. Gradually, the cat will run and jump continuously and act extremely cute. At this stage, you also need to take care of your cat in the following way:

  • Kittens need to be weaned slowly, at this age you should feed your cat twice a day. Each drink needs additional calcium to strengthen the resistance and for the bones of the cat to be healthy.
  • When your cat has known its hunger and will often meow. This is when you should practice feeding your cat with dry food. For example, you mix rice or pet seeds with chicken, pate, fish, beef, pork, …
  • Note that when feeding your cat fish and chicken, you should peel off the bones and puree them thoroughly. This will help prevent your cat from having bones and vomiting due to indigestion.
  • As your cat begins to run and play, the body will get dirty. So, you need to bathe your cat once a month and use warm water to bathe.
  • To prevent tick bites, pets that cause skin diseases for cats, you should buy cat shower gel. Choose a shower gel that has a mild scent and does not cause stinging eyes when bathing your baby

Kittens from 3 to 6 months old

The age from 3 to 6 months is when the kitten’s body develops significantly and begins to have fleshy skin. At this stage, the baby is very playful, active and knows how to chase things around. Taking care of a cat at this age should keep the following in mind:

  • First of all, you need to practice completely weaning your cat and feeding your baby dry nutritious foods instead.
  • In the diet of your cat should have enough calcium.
  • Foods that should be enjoyed by “Your Majesty”: Pate meat / fish, nuts, boiled vegetables, …
  • Always give the “king” adequate water after every meal.
  • Trays / bowls for cats need to be clean and avoid humid places where many ants, flies, …
  • At this point, you need to pay attention to the health care regime for your cat. Take them to see your veterinarian for a monthly vaccination, deworming and checkup.

Cats over 6 months old

Cats over 6 months old start to transition into adulthood. At this point, you will see your cat become sturdy and grow larger than before. Compared with cat care children, adult cats are often harder. In particular, cats at this age are very difficult, difficult to get close to and be playful. Experiences to consider when caring for a 6-month-old cat are as follows:

  • Always love, care and spend time with the “king” every day. Because if you ignore it, it will make the cat glare and not come near whenever you want to play with them.
  • Your cat may pretend to be deaf and will ignore you. However, you can change them by offering delicious treats and buying cat toys.
  • The body of a 6-month-old cat needs careful care. You should take them to the vet to check the intestinal condition, standard weight or not, deworming, …
  • If you want to train your cat, forget it, it’s best to do it when your cat is young and innocent.
  • With cats that have been attached to you from birth to this age. They will be very shocked when you want to give to someone else or change hands for the cat.
  • Adult cats are also susceptible to getting sick from eating strange food or being ignored in their care. They will even skip eating and drinking if you miss more than 2 days. So, try to love your cat a lot!

In addition to cat care regimes from birth to adulthood. You should pay attention to each unusual manifestation of the “emperor”. Such as: vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, peeling skin, redness, … In order to detect the disease and treat it promptly, it is best to take your cat to the doctor as soon as possible.

Train your cat to create good living habits

Besides proper nutrition for “king”, you should also practice good habits for your pet. If you want to enjoy a comfortable life with “emperor” then apply the following habits:

Train to create good habits for your cat

Use the bathroom in the right place

Cats used to go to the toilet haphazardly and go wherever they wanted. However, you can easily change this habit by training your cat to clean in the right place. To train this habit is not difficult, you need to do the following steps:

  • First, you need to buy a litter box, litter box, and cat scoop. Next, you choose to give your cat a small space that they feel secure and love.
  • Your cat’s litter box should be clean, cool, and quiet. This will help your cat feel safe when he wants to poop every day.
  • Depending on the size of your cat, choose a tray, a litter box or a carton.
  • Always remove any dirt soaked with urine and cat feces in it. Create a sense of fragrant and clean make them go to the toilet in the right place.
  • In the event that your pet cat goes out of the way. Each time, find ways to punish the cat by gently patting the buttocks and feeding less. Then, remind and teach your cat where to go to the bathroom.

Training your cat to poop in the right place will create good habits. At the same time, it helps the caregiver to reduce fatigue when cleaning the house while reducing the sense that the house smells.Experience in Caring for Kittens from Childhood to Adulthood

Clean your cat’s teeth

Surprisingly, the cat’s teeth, although cute and small, are very susceptible to tooth decay or fall out. Your cat may even experience bad breath and chipped teeth if not taken care of. So how to protect the perfect and lovely teeth for “His Majesty”? The following oral hygiene practices can help a little:

  • Specialized pet toothpastes and creams are available in stores. You should buy for your baby a lovely brush and cream with a stimulating taste. This way to keep your cat’s mouth clean every day is both clean and fragrant.
  • In order for your cat to get used to this habit gradually, you should practice it once a week. Then, shorten to brush your teeth regularly every day.
  • Every time you clean your pet’s mouth, you should brush gently, do not rub too hard. Note that each tooth brushing should only take about 30 seconds is enough.
  • You should also regularly check on your cat’s plaque, smudges, or gums condition. If you notice red, swollen gums or a bad mouth, take your cat to the vet.
  • Proper oral hygiene for “the king” not only helps the mouth smell better. You will feel excited every time you pet or the cat suddenly fills you in the face without dizziness.

Maintain good health when caring for your cat

Thus, taking care of your cat with love and sincere care will make them feel that way. However, apart from paying attention to nutrition and good habits, you also need to maintain the best cat’s health. It is easier and easier to see your vet when you treat them like family.

With the following tips to help maintain the health of your cat, you will help your love and your cat increasingly bond.

Take your cat for a checkup every year

For a cat lover, you will probably feel anxious and impatient every time the cat shows strange behavior. Therefore, it is essential to bring your cat for regular checkups every year.

Veterinarians all recommend that relatives of pets should take them for physical exam 2 times / year. Every time you visit, your cat will be examined and found for conditions related to:

  • Disease related to ears, nose, throat
  • Diseases related to dermatology: parasites, scabies, fungal skin diseases, dermatitis, …
  • Diseases related to teeth, jaw, face
  • Take deworming measures to prevent fleas and lice.
  • Check for dangerous diseases affecting the health of the pet such as catida, leukopenia, kidney failure, kidney stones, fluke, …

Depending on your cat’s age, weight and health condition, the doctor will use the appropriate examination method. When detecting strange signs or suspecting the above diseases, the doctor will promptly handle them.

Some other knowledge when caring for cats at home

Cats are not just animals that make many hearts fall when you first see them. The feeling of two big, round, glittering black eyes looking at you will make you want to hug and caress your cat forever. Because of the lovely habits of “His Majesty”, more and more people like to feed and take care of each day.

So besides the above cat care experiences, what should you do to pamper the “king” every day?

  • When you have a cat in large spaces, look for a pet toy. Such as: Nail sharpening toy set, hunting ball, chasing racket, …
  • Besides, you should also consult and choose a shower gel with a favorite scent for your cat. Regular bathing will help “emperor” always fragrant and lovely in soft and smooth fur. In particular, this is also a way to reduce the cat’s loss or tangled fur.
  • Always give your cat plenty of fluids and try to reduce her body temperature on hot days.
  • Bathe your cat with warm water and dry with a soft cloth before drying the fur.
  • Regularly check for any abnormalities in your cat’s body. Pay attention to each red rash, lumps, strange tumors, scabies, bites by the body.
  • Let your cat go out in the sun and play for an hour a day, instead of just locking them inside.

Knowledge of cat care should be noted:

In addition to the important knowledge, a few things to keep in mind to make your cat look healthier and more adorable:

  • Kittens or adults have a very weak digestive system and are susceptible to infection from their diet. Any cat breed is difficult to digest sweet foods such as milk, candy, sugar, chocolate.
  • Cat ears and nose are very susceptible to dirt and bacteria every time you let them run and jump in muddy, rainy areas. Therefore, you should use normal saline to clean these parts. To prevent nose and eye diseases of your cat.
  • Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab to gently remove your cat’s earwax each week.
  • With cats reaching the age of finding a mate, you need to get sterilized as soon as possible. This will help reduce the cat’s run away from home while also prolonging the life of the cat.
  • Always be observant and attentive every time you take your cat for a walk. In order to avoid them being engrossed in running, jumping, chasing without looking around, it is very dangerous.

There is nothing better than feeling when you feel tired and stressed, all of a sudden you come across a cute cat gesture. Their gestures will make your heart melt and relieve stress quickly. So instead of being negligent, you should take care of them every day.

In order for your cat to become healthier, more energetic and lovable, choose a quality and reputable veterinarian. That way, you can take them for periodic health examinations, to ensure the best condition for your cat. Hopefully, with useful information about cat care that we suggests in this article, it will help you when needed.