Big Cats Of Serenity Springs
P.O. Box 112
Calhan, CO 80808

Tel: 719-347-9200
Fax: 719-347-9100
Email: [email protected]

Phone messages must include a return number and emails must include a name and phone number. (due to security measures a screen name only is not acceptable)

Big Cats Of Serenity Springs is located approximately 22 miles east of Colorado Springs near Calhan. To protect the privacy of our big cats, directions are provided for tours only, and we ask that you visit only by scheduled tour appointment.
Volunteer Your Time
We welcome committed volunteers to help with the work of maintaining our facility and keeping our cats in comfortable surroundings. Contact us during your visit to discuss volunteer opportunities
Donate Tools, Equipment and Other Items
Please call or email us if you have any items on our wish list that you’d like to donate to the Big Cats. If you have something that you think we may be able to use – don’t be shy – give us a call!
Donate to Big Cats
We offer the ability to donate to help the cats through PayPal. Or send us a check to the address above.
Mailing List
We would like to include you on our mailing list. Or, if you prefer, keep updated with new events at the sanctuary by downloading our quarterly newsletter.
If you are thinking of getting a Big Cat of your own, please note that we do not offer blanket statements of care. We will gladly answer questions regarding the commitment required to properly and legally maintain a place of contentment and safety.

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