Cat in the Spotlight


Cat in the Spotlight
Cat in the Spotlight
September 2003
December 2005

Just before Labor Day 2003, we received a call from the Kansas Department of Wildlife. They were closing down an illegal leopard breeding facility and needed us to take 2 females, 3 males, and 2 cubs immediately. Nick arrived within 72 hours but the 3 male leopards had disappeared and one of the cubs had already died. As much as he wanted to bring all of the cats home, it just wasn’t possible. Instead, Nick loaded up Tasha and Jade, put the infant leopard up front with him, and headed home.

Aramis is the first leopard we have brought into the house and he was a whole new learning experience! We quickly learned that the jumping skills that leopards are famous for starts at birth. And we are fairly certain he has enough energy to light up Colorado Springs for a year! The rule for tiger cubs is “when they can clear the island in the kitchen, they are old enough to have their own enclosure down at the ranch.” Of course, Aramis could do that at 5 weeks.

After 8 weeks in the “human” house, Aramis moved into his own home, complete with 2nd story den, driftwood to climb on and a “bungee” toy that he loves to take swipes at. Now almost 3 years old, he is equally at home in the snow or on top of his den in the summer. When you come to visit us, Aramis will be one of the first cats to greet you!

Aramis, and all the cats that call Big Cats of Serenity Springs home, depend on YOU to help keep them safe, well-fed, and happy. Click on the link to the left to see how you can help or click here now to make a donation today!


Cat in the Spotlight



Cat in the Spotlight

Buggsy came to us in 1997 & was already on the other side of being a youngster at 14 years old. Having been bounced around for the majority of his life – from what we could ascertain – he was in at least 4 different homes prior to joining us here. We were glad to give him a stable place to call home for what would mostly likely be his last stop.

Someone’s efforts to make him into the ‘perfect pet’ led to Buggsy being defanged!! This was not done for any reason other than the misbegotten thought process that a cat without fangs will not cause as much harm. This misinformation is unfortunately sometimes still believed today, though with outreach and educational programs, as well as a deeper understanding of exotic cat care by veterinarians, it is not as easily available (except for proper and true medical or dentistry necessity).

The truth of the matter is that the very worst bite you will ever receive will be from an animal that does not have these canines/fangs. These are what they use to gauge the pressure they are exerting, without them it is a continuous clamp. This is just one more very good reason to learn, research and seek out the necessary knowledge to properly care for these magnificent creatures.

Buggy has been lucky – his teeth extraction hasn’t had negative effects on his health, and has not diminished his ability to eat, evident by his supreme chubbiness. He may in fact be hiding another bobcat or TWO in that luxurious coat of his.

We are glad everyday that our Buggsy, now in his 22nd year of life, has been provided a place of safety, contentment, and a place to call home for the remainder of his days.